Counter-terrorism Bureau: Don't travel to North Korea or Turkey

Israel's Counter-terrorism Bureau issues travel warnings ahead of Jewish holidays.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Sinai Peninsula
Sinai Peninsula

Israel's Counter-terrorism Bureau issued a general travel warning "to present the public with an up-to-date picture of the situation."

The warning comes two weeks before the Jewish holidays.

"Every year, the Tishrei holidays may be an attractive target for carrying out terror attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets," the warning said.

Tishrei is the Hebrew month during which Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), and Sukkot (the holiday of Tabernacles) are celebrated. The current terror wave began during the Tishrei holidays in 2015.

Travel warnings were issued for 28 countries and entry into 6 enemy countries was forbidden. There are also 10 travel warnings issued for various regions abroad.

"Currently, there is much motivation to carry out terror attacks around the world. Global jihad, especially ISIS and its followers, threatens Middle Eastern countries located near war zones. These include Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt, all of which were issued travel warnings. Western countries issued travel warnings include northern and western Europe," the Bureau said.

"The threat is mainly the result of ISIS' fighting in Syria and Iraq against the Western countries' coalition with the US."

The Bureau also warned the public to be careful and pay special attention to anything suspicious in crowded places and Jewish sites around the world.

The Sinai Peninsula is considered to be one of the areas most threatened by ISIS. According to the Counter-terrorism Bureau, the area is extremely dangerous. Israelis are advised to avoid visiting the Sinai Peninsula, and those who are currently in the area are advised to leave immediately.

Israelis are also advised not to visit Egypt, despite the thaw in relations between the two countries. The same warning applies to both Turkey and Jordan.

Though North Korea has recently become a popular tourist destination, the Counter-terrorism Bureau advises Israelis to refrain from traveling to the area.