PA providing free textbooks to Israeli schools

PA Education Minister announces his office provides free Palestinian Authority textbooks to schools in Israel.

Mordechai Sones ,


The official Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa reported that the PA Education Minister in Ramallah, Sabri Saidam, acceded to the request of the spiritual father of the Russian Orthodox community in Jaffa, the priest Nassar Konstantin, who asked for free Christian textbooks published by the Palestinian Authority for the Orthodox school in Jaffa.

Saidam noted that the PA Education Ministry would also provide free Islamic textbooks and other textbooks to other schools in Israel ("The Lands of '48" in the language of the announcement), in order to help these schools illustrate "the good and strong relations that link the people of the One Nation."

The statement also noted that Saidam expressed his ministry's commitment to support the education sector throughout the country and to provide services to all social groups.