Welfare Ministry capitulates to LGBT pressure

Following pressure from LGBT groups, Welfare Ministry tells court it waives condition that only 'a man and his wife' may adopt children.

Mordechai Sones ,

Haim Katz
Haim Katz
Flash 90

The state submitted an update to the High Court regarding its position on changing the existing law regarding adoption by same-sex couples.

The announcement stated that following a reexamination by Labor and Welfare Minister Haim Katz (Likud), it was decided to adopt the position that the prerequisite condition requiring the marriage of a "man and his wife" be annulled, while continuing to mandate that a stable and ongoing relationship be required.

This is a component of the intention to promote legislation based on recommendations of the Gross Report, regarding the conditions of eligibility for adoption and ways to promote adjustment for a particular adopted child.

The state notes that this recommendation can not be implemented by interpreting the law in court as the petitioners demand, but rather that the law must be amended in the legislature. This is especially so, says the State, since this is an issue that, in view of its nature, the appropriate place to discuss it is in the legislature. It has now been decided to initiate a process to comprehensively amend the legislation in such a way as to also address this issue.

Following public criticism, the ministry capitulated and announced that there was no problem in principle for same-sex couples to adopt children, but the Knesset was the deciding factor.