WATCH: 'This is a stick-up'

Lod resident enters kiosk, robs cashier at gunpoint.

Refael Levi ,


Israel Police arrested a man suspected of robbing a kiosk in the central city of Ramat Hasharon.

The suspect, a resident of Lod, was caught on camera after he entered the kiosk with a knife in a plastic bag, and insisted the cashier open the cash register.

As he spoke, he pressed the bag with the gun against the cashier.

The suspect then took the money he wanted and left in a private vehicle, taking thousands of shekels with him.

An investigation performed with aid of various technologies brought police officers to the suspect's home. Searching the home, the officers found a gun, together with a note reading, "This is a robbery."

Tel Aviv's Magistrates Court is expected to extend the suspect's arrest, and the preliminary announcement of plans to sue is expected to be submitted on Wednesday.