Anti-draft extremist arrested for hanging effigy of IDF soldier

Suspect arrested for hanging IDF soldier in effigy during Lag Ba'omer during wave of anti-IDF incitement.

David Rosenberg ,

Effigy of haredi soldier
Effigy of haredi soldier

A Jerusalem man was arrested Sunday for allegedly hanging an effigy of an IDF soldier during the Lag Ba'omer celebration in May. Lag Ba'omer is a one day holiday in honor of the Talmudic mystic Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, during which bonfires are traditionally lit at nightfall and tens of thousands travel to Mount Meron where he is buried.

During the festivities, a number of effigies of IDF soldiers in faux uniforms were hung or burned in the Meah Shearim neighborhood of the capital, months after members of the Eida Haharedit organization hung effigies of soldiers during the Purim holiday.

At one Lag Ba'omer bonfire, three people were arrested for torching the Israeli flag.

One suspect wanted in connection with one of the effigies which had been hung during Lag Ba'omer turned himself in to police on Sunday after he was notified that a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

The suspect was questioned and held in police custody overnight. On Monday, police brought the suspect before a judge for an extension of his arrest.