Culture Minister demands defunding of pro-terror theater

Following show promoting terror at Jaffa theater, Regev demands Finance Minister, AG defund: 'If they can't do it, let me do it.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Miri Regev
Miri Regev
Flash 90

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev (Likud) has been using every platform possible to express her demand that subversive cultural events be defunded. This morning (Sunday), on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, Regev responded to calls to murder Jews that were given artistic expression in a performance at the Jaffa Theatre.

"That's right, I did not believe it either.

"This happened at the Jaffa Theater, which was transformed from a cultural platform into a terrorist stage.

"It is time for the Finance Minister and the Attorney General to exercise the authority vested in them in the Budget Foundations Law and to prevent funding cultural institutions that incite and undermine the State of Israel.

"If they can't do it, let me do it."

"What happened last week crossed a red line," said Regev. "Last week Jaffa Theatre switched from being a stage for culture to a stage for terror. Anyone there last week would not have believed that this is happening here in the State of Israel, right in Tel Aviv, and not under Hamas in Gaza. They called to follow in the footsteps of martyrs; they called for violent resistance against IDF soldiers to incite and undermine the State of Israel."

"It is inconceivable that for two years I've been involved in court hearings against the Attorney General and that all this time there is a ping-pong game being played by the Finance Minister, whose responsibility it is the enforce the Budget Law - that's his responsibility, but he doesn't enforce the Budget Law and he doesn't allow me to enforce it - and the Attorney General, who isn't doing his job, which is to force the Finance Minister to enforce the Law.

"It is inconceivable that we, the Israeli public, are underwriting the Jaffa Theatre which runs plays that incite against the State of Israel, and that the Jaffa Theatre continues to operate under the auspices and with the support of the Attorney General and the Finance Minister. The time has come for them to stop closing their eyes, and to stop disbursing funds to those cultural institutions," said Regev.