'Trump's lawyer asked for aid - we ignored him'

Kremlin Press Secretary says Trump's lawyer sent a letter requesting aid in January 2016 - but Putin never saw the letter.

Nissan Tzur ,

Putin and Trump
Putin and Trump

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that in January 2016, US President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen requested aid from Russian President Vladimir Putin, but his request was ignored.

The requested aid would have gone to one of Trump's real estate projects in Moscow.

According to Peskov, Cohen sent a letter to the Kremlin in January 2016, requesting Putin's aid in advancing a real estate project in Moscow. However, Peskov "decided not to respond to the letter, and not to give it to Putin."

Peskov also told CNN that Cohen requested aid for Moscow's "Trump Towers" during the 2016 election campaign. When pressed for a response, Cohen admitted to both the letter and the request for help. He also emphasized that "it was just an unanswered email regarding real estate - and nothing else."

Meanwhile, US support for Trump continues to drop gradually. A Fox News survey discovered that only 35% of respondents are satisfied with how Trump is handling US affairs, and 64% said they were not satisfied.

This represents a 10% drop in support, and an 11% rise in dissatisfaction, since the company's last survey in April.

However, most of those questioned expressed satisfaction with the US' economic stability since Trump took office. 36% of the respondents said the US' economy was "excellent," representing the best rating since 2004.

In August, a poll showed that most Americans (62%) feel Trump is dividing America, while 31% feel he is doing more to unite the country. An August 17 poll showed Trump's approval rating to be 39%.