Netanyahu vs. the press:
'Fake News is at its peak'

Netanyahu at central Likud event: 'They present Israel as an isolated state, but everyone can see our success.'

Yoni Kempinski ,

PM Netanyahu
PM Netanyahu
Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Thousands of Likud activists from all over the country arrived Wednesday evening for the party's annual "toast" for the upcoming Jewish New Year, held at the airport in the presence of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, cabinet ministers from the Likud and members of Knesset.

In his speech, Netanyahu attacked the media and the left-wing journalists who are working to oust him.

"They present Israel as an isolated state, as a backward country, they simply do not want Israeli citizens to see success. It just does not fit their narrative, but what can we do? Everyone sees the success," said the prime minister. “The ‘Fake News’ industry is at its peak. "

To the sound of applause, Netanyahu promised that this year he would "shatter" the lies against Israel at the UN, saying that the State of Israel is "a world power on the rise thanks to the military, economic, and political power that we cultivate all the time."

On the left-wing demonstrations near the Attorney General's house in Petah Tikva calling on him to indict the prime minister, Netanyahu said that "The purpose of the demonstrations is to indict me at all costs."

The prime minister attacked former caretaker of the prime minister’s residence Meni Naftali and leftist activist Eldad Yaniv, who lead the demonstrations against him in Petah Tikva. "The one-sided media spoils them with endless caressing interviews. No journalist asks them about their past," Netanyahu said.

The prime minister criticized the journalists who interview Naftali in the media. "Investigative journalism at its best," he said sarcastically. "Another question that they didn’t ask him - how is it that, miraculously, when he took up the job of caretaker of the prime minister's residence, the expenses for food surged and nearly doubled, and when he left, the expenses plummeted?”

"And of course no one asked about the cleaning material expenses that skyrocketed when he entered the job, sunk to their original level when he left?" Netanyahu asked. "All the journalists know this, but they do not want you to know it."