Watch: Baby zebra stands for the first time at Ramat Gan Safari

Three zebras were born Monday at Israel's Ramat Gan Safari. Watch one stand for the first time.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Zebra stands for the first time
Zebra stands for the first time

Three zebras were recently born in Israel's Ramat Gan Safari, and one was caught on video standing for the first time.

The video captures the moments after the birth, and the mother can be seen licking her newborn and cleaning him up. The foal disconnects himself from the placenta, and walks after his mother.

The documentation of the immediate aftermath of a birth is rare, as the majority of births happen at night or the early morning, when safari workers are not present

"It is amazing to see how the zebras manage to stand half an hour after birth, and preserve their natural and instinctive habits," the safari said.