Watch: Scared hawk flees Hurricane Harvey with taxi driver

The hawk found refuge from Hurricane Harvey by flying into a moving taxi.

Tzvi Lev ,

Hawk (illustration)
Hawk (illustration)

Taxi driver William Bruso was stunned when a hawk came into his cab through an open window. The bird was taking refuge from Hurricane Harvey swirling outside, and the two rode out the storm together. A video of the wet bird sitting next to Bruso went viral, racking up 275,000 hits since being uploaded on Sunday.

Bruso shot a total of 9 more videos of the bird, who he nicknamed Harvey the Hurricane Hawk, before handing it over to Texas wildlife officials.

"It was a very cool experience,” Bruso told The New York Post. “I felt very honored that [the hawk] chose to hunker down with me — and was so well-behaved, better behaved than my cousins who come here and wreak havoc.”

“It was a magical experience. This is a bird of prey, a natural born killer in its normal environment. But this was not a normal situation.”