Tel Aviv residents: Enough procrastination on infiltrators!

Tel Aviv residents insist Supreme Court agree to transfer infiltrators to other countries.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Protest (illustrative)
Protest (illustrative)
Yoni Kempinski

Tel Aviv residents on Saturday night protested the Israeli government's failure to properly deal with South African illegal infiltrators who come to Israel for economic reasons.

The protest was held outside Supreme Court Chief Justice Miriam Naor's home in Rehavia, Jerusalem.

Many of the protesters carried signs saying "Rehavia doesn't care about the oppressed!" and "Enough with the procrastination!"

Science, Technology, and Space Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) on Saturday night said that he "supports the initiative put forth by residents of southern Tel Aviv."

"For several months, we have been waiting for the judges to declare we can transfer these infiltrators to other countries," Akunis said. "Residents of south Tel Aviv, and other residents, have the right to protest outside of Chief Justice Naor's home."

"My friends and I need to be criticized - and so do the Supreme Court's justices."

Israel is dealing with 39,000 African infiltrators, not counting children. There are 18,000 people, mostly from the Philippines, who work as assistants to the elderly or disabled, but stayed longer than the allowed time period and need to be returned to their homelands. Another 79,000 - mostly from Georgia and the Ukraine - arrived on tourist visas, overstayed illegally, and did not return to their homelands.

The children of the African illegal immigrants are flooding south Tel Aviv's kindergartens, where they are provided with state-of-the-art preschools, while the crime rates in those areas have skyrocketed and people are afraid to walk the streets in neighborhoods that were once safe.

In June, an African infiltrator from Guinea was arrested for raping an Israeli girl and infecting her with AIDS. Also in June, a Sudanese man and a 16-year-old girl, both infiltrators, were indicted for rape. In April, infiltrators attacked a woman with a stick, and in March, an Eritrean infiltrator attacked and raped an 80-year-old woman.