Terrorist planned bombings - to avenge his terrorist cousin

17-year-old Jerusalem Arab prepared pipe bombs, planned attacks, after his female cousin was killed during terror attack.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 2:23 PM

Makeshift bomb (archive)
Makeshift bomb (archive)
Police Spokesperson

A 17-year-old Arab terrorist from Jerusalem has been charged over a series of planned bombings intended as revenge for the death of his cousin during a terror attack.

According to the indictment filed against the terrorist, the suspect was motivated by a desire for revenge following the death of his cousin, who was shot and killed by security forces during a stabbing attack.

Authorities say the suspect planned to carry out bombing attacks on Border Police officers stationed at the Kalandia crossing in north Jerusalem.

During the planning of the attack, the suspect purchased 100 assault rifle bullets via a friend from a third party.

The suspect and his accomplice, who procured the bullets, then removed the gunpowder from the bullets, with the intention of using the explosive material in pipe bombs to be lobbed at security forces.

Later, the suspect purchased an additional 60 bullets through his accomplice and removed the gunpowder from them as well. After collecting additional explosive material from fireworks, the two poured the material into nine pipes, added nails inside the pipes, and sealed the pipes for use as makeshift bombs.