Who's hiding in the fuse box?

Man opens fuse box in Dimona - and is greeted by two uninvited guests.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


An Israel Electric Company (IEC) worker checking electric meters in private homes in southern Israel was met two unexpected - and uninvited guests during one of his stops.

Zecharia Hajabi works for the Israel Electric Company, reading usage meters in the Be'er Sheva area. But when he opened a fuse box at Dimona's sewage treatment site this week, two snakes looked at him calmly from their comfortable spot in the box.

"Working in the Negev and near the Dead Sea, we see many varieties of crawlers - including various snakes, crabs, and other critters," Hajabi said.

"I opened the box carefully, and suddenly I saw a pair of snakes sitting there at the bottom. I always use a long rod and stand behind the door, to allow any critters or other creatures in the fuse box to leave - and also to ensure I can identify anything in the box from a relatively safe position."

"I was worried that the snakes would attack me, so I walked a few meters away and threw small stones near the snakes, so they would leave the fuse box. Thankfully, the snakes left the box and disappeared into a hole in the ground."

After ensuring the fuse box held no more surprises, Hajabi read the meter and closed the door until next month's visit.

"Since my job includes meeting snakes and various critters on a regular basis, I often ask about various behaviors of snakes, and how to work safely near them. The company also provides us with training on how to deal with snakes and critters, and we receive proper instructions and information."