Clothing brand removes dress with yellow star

Clothing and accessory brand Miu Miu removes dress with a star patch that looks similar to yellow Star of David worn by Jews under Nazis.

Ben Ariel ,

Yellow Star of David (illustration)
Yellow Star of David (illustration)
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Italian women’s clothing and accessory brand Miu Miu on Tuesday removed a dress with a star patch that looked similar to the yellow Star of David Jews were forced to wear under the Nazi regime, The Forward reported.

The dress was first discovered by a customer at a Holt Renfrew boutique in Canada. The customer posted about the dress on social media, prompting backlash.

The star patch, which only has five points and not the six points of a Jewish star, is outlined in black and has a name such as “John” inscribed in it, according to The Forward.

According to an email statement from Preia Narenda, the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Miu Miu, “It was not Miu Miu’s intent in any way to make any political or religious statement, and we apologize for any offence that may have been taken. Kindly note that effective immediately these items will be removed from the collection.”

Miu Miu is owned by Italian luxury fashion house Prada.

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Tuesday commended Miu Miu for quickly responding to the concerns and removing the items.

The WJC said in a statement it had contacted Prada on Monday evening to express its discomfort over the items and demand their removal.

“The World Jewish Congress commends Miu Miu and its parent company Prada on its swift attention and action to the concerns we raised regarding the use of the yellow star on its clothing items. At this critical time, when anti-Semitism and bigotry are rearing their heads in the public sphere, we must continue to exercise caution and show sensitivity in every sphere and sector,” said WJC CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer.