Hilltop Youth deliberately violate restrictions and are arrested

Dozens of Hilltop Youth against whom various restrictions issued deliberately violate orders to enter prison in protest of situation.

Mordechai Sones ,

Minor suspect brought to Jerusalem Magistrate's Court after being arrested on suspicion of
Minor suspect brought to Jerusalem Magistrate's Court after being arrested on suspicion of
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A few dozen "Hilltop Youth" who were subject to various administrative restrictions decided to force the issue into the open and enter prison after more than a year of being subject to these decrees.

Some of the youngsters are subject to absolute house arrest, others are under partial house arrest, and others are "administratively isolated" from their places of residence. All were forbidden contact with their friends and all orders were issued with neither trial nor proof.

One of the youths who broke the orders and was arrested until the end of the proceedings against him is Moshe Shachor, grandson of Rabbi Dov Lior, who told his lawyers that he feels that the Shin Bet is victimizing him and his friends.

Shachor, who is detained in Ela Prison, says he does not know upon what the secret material is based, and that if they had any real evidence against him, he would already have been indicted. There are dozens of such orders and at least some of the young people decided to take drastic action and go to jail.

"The Shabak and the police are persecuting the youths, harassing their families, and forcing the youths into an unbearable situation," said attorney Moshe Polski of the Honenu legal aid society, who represents the youths in fighting the orders: "The youth's decision to prefer detention over continuing in the oppressive conditions of the restriction orders speaks for itself.

"In any other legal proceeding involving youth in Israel, a variety of considerations are weighed, the opinion of the probation service is examined, and every decision is scrutinized and considered several times. When Hilltop Youth are concerned, the finger on the trigger to deny their rights is fast and loose."

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represents some of the youths against whom the orders were issued, says that the time has come to put an end to GSS youth abuse: "This is the same Shin Bet that recommended not to administratively detain terrorist Ra'ed Salah and his terrorist friends, but what they are afraid to do to a gang of thugs who want to impose terror is being perpetrated against young Jews who have no evidence against them. In the Shin Bet and the State Prosecutor's Office they're brave only where Jews are their victims."