Fast and furious: The new police helicopters

Four of most advanced helicopters in world operationalized by Israel Police to assist activities against terror, crime, and road bullying.

Mordechai Sones ,

Fast and furious: the new police helicopters
Fast and furious: the new police helicopters
Police Spokesman

On Monday, the Israel Police received four new H-125 helicopters, called Kachal, and will join the operational activities of the police's air force.

Subsequently, two H-145 dual engine helicopters were imported, all six of which are considered advanced helicopters in terms of operational capability and are deployed in advanced police units throughout the world.

The new helicopters are called "Kachal" after a common bird in Israel: Its flight is light but it produces rhythmic beatings. The dominant blue color of the bird allows it to camouflage itself against the blue sky, sometimes affording it complete invisibility.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan spoke during the ceremony to receive the helicopters. "I am happy to inaugurate the new Israel Police Kachals. The challenges and ways to carry out the Israel Police's responsibilities require advanced solutions.

"Now the Israel Police has an internal air force that enforces the law in the State of Israel. Our mission is to upgrade the capabilities of the internal security forces and the air force of the police, placing the police capabilities in an entirely different level and improving the capabilities of the airborne firefighting system," Erdan added.

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich said that "the Israel Police's air force constitutes a gamechanger in carrying out the various tasks of the Israel Police, among other things, in the fight against crime and terrorism, in the field of public order, in the ongoing battle against road accidents, extinguishing fires from the air, and public service.

"At this festive ceremony, we mark the arrival of the single-engine helicopters to the Israel Police's air force.
The new helicopters are advanced in terms of operational capability, carrying capacity, strength, speed, and weather handling, and are common in advanced police units around the world, mainly because of their high suitability for police missions."

According to Alsheikh, the new helicopters, together with the dedication of the Air Force, will upgrade the capabilities of the Israel Police Force to stand firm against the various challenges that it meets daily."