Indictment filed against Arab officer in charge of armory

Arab police officer in charge of Jerusalem armory is indicted for theft, subversion of legal processes, and weapons crimes.

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky ,

Israel Police spokesperson

The Israeli government's Department for the Investigation of Police Officers on Monday submitted an indictment to Jerusalem's District Court against police officer Salah Jaber.

Jaber is responsible for the armory at the police station in Jerusalem's Old City. The officer is being charged with weapons crimes theft by a public servant, subversion of legal process, and other crimes.

Jaber's cousin Haddi Jaber, and Salah Jaber's friend Wada'a Abuktish, are also being charged with weapons-related crimes. In addition, Abuktish is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime. Interrogations are being conducted by the Department for the Investigation of Police Officers.

According to the indictment, Salah served as the officer in charge of the Old City's armory. Part of his task was to receive weapons, store them in the armory, and give them to the station's officers and the security guards in the Old City and on the Temple Mount.

Salah would often take weapons illegally and give them to his cousin Haddi, who served as an agent. Beginning in 2016, Salah would provide Haddi with hundreds of bullets, once every three weeks or so. In other cases, Salah contacted Haddi and provided him with cartons of stun grenades and other weapons. This arrangement continued for approximately one year.

After Salah told Haddi about the weapons, Haddi would tell his friend Abuktish, and together they would conspire to receive it. The two would use key words such as "pipes," "rabbits," and "packages" in order to describe the various types of weapons.

Salah is being charged with theft as a public servant for committing these crimes while on duty as a police officer in charge of providing weapons, as well as with subversion of legal process for telling his comrades that he was arrested.

Salah is also being charged with receiving confidential information from the criminal database about a vehicle whose driver was involved in an accident together with Salah's family.