Barcelona: Terror attack could have been much worse

'Work accident' foils terrorists' plan to carry out three simultaneous attacks.

Uzi Baruch ,

Scene of Las Ramblas terror attack
Scene of Las Ramblas terror attack

The terrorists who on Thursday killed fourteen and injured over 100 in Barcelona and Cambrils had planned a horrific terror attack which was avoided thanks to a work accident.

According to Spanish media, the terrorists planned to travel in three trucks filled with explosives and gas balloons. One of the trucks would explode on Las Ramblas, a second one at a famous church, and the third near Barcelona's port.

On Wednesday, while the team prepared the attack, they accidentally detonated the explosives.

Authorities are still searching for 22-year-old Younis Abu-Yaqub, suspected of driving the van which rammed into a crowd on Las Ramblas.

Immediately after the attack, the van's driver exited the vehicle and fled the scene on foot.