'Solidarity of Nations' removed from Masa

The Jewish Agency decided to remove the far-left NGO after a blockbuster report showed them rioting against IDF soldiers.

Tzvi Lev ,

התפרעות בדרום הר חברון
התפרעות בדרום הר חברון
פלאש 90

The Jewish Agency decided to remove the far-left organization 'Solidarity of Nations', or Achvat Amim, from Masa Israel Journey, which is a state-funding umbrella organization that funds programs bringing Jewish youth to Israel. A recent blockbuster report on Channel 2 showed the ostensibly non-partisan Solidarity of Nations participating in anti-IDF riots at an illegal Arab outpost.

Masa Israel Journey CEO Liran Avisar Ben Horin wrote in a letter to the organization's board that their anti-IDF activities in the illegal Arab village 'Sumud' negated them from receiving state funds.

"In the past few days, we received an appeal relating to an incident in which the director and participants of one of the Hashomer Hatza'ir programs took part in resisting the evacuation of an illegal outpost in the South Hebron Hills. As part of the incident, they even faced off with security forces."

"This activity violates the organization's goals, violates its procedures and safety and security rules, and it also jeopardizes the lives of the participants."

The Masa Israel Journey CEO expressed hope that Solidarity of Nations' activities would not harm Masa's goal of bringing as many Jews as possible to Israel. "We must ensure that the event, attended by a very limited number of participants, does not stymie Masa's extensive and important activities," emphasized Ben-Horin.

"We will continue to preserve the organization's purpose and achieve our goal of enabling young Jews from all over the world to have a meaningful experience in Israel that will strengthen their Jewish identity and their deep connection to the State of Israel."

The far-left NGO Solidarity of Nations, or Achvat Amim, offers five-month programs for Diaspora Jewish youth to volunteer in Israel to “develop leadership and community organizing skills” by engaging in hands-on “Tikkun Olam” (a Jewish expression meaning healing the world) and promoting the “value of self-determination”, according to the group’s website.

However, an Ad Kan investigative report revealed, Solidarity of Nations often blurs the lines between education and promotion of anti-Israel activism, using volunteers to aid illegal Arab settlements and apparently encouraging them to join anti-IDF protests.

Volunteers brought to Israel by Solidarity of Nations were recently sent to the illegal Arab encampment of Sumud, also known as Khirbat Sarsura, south of Hevron. The illegal settlement, which has been evacuated by the IDF on multiple occasions, was reestablished this May.

During their visit, Solidarity volunteers helped build the illegal encampment, and received instructions from local anti-Israel activists on how to protest effectively against Israeli security forces.

When IDF soldiers arrived at the encampment, volunteers from the group joined Palestinian Authority residents in protests, clashing with soldiers and denouncing Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria.

Ad Kan chairman Gilad Ach told Arutz Sheva that it was absurd that the state gives money to organizations that incite Jews against Israel. "They take Jews from all over the world to see the separation fence, they partner up with some of the most anti-Israel organizations like B'tselem. Why should we have to pay for this?" he asked.

"Their entire goal is to besmirch Israel," he continued. "They break the law, and force IDF soldiers to evacuate them, which always looks bad on camera. The whole world sees this afterwords."

"Its irrational that the state should bring them in so they can attack our soldiers."