Comparing IDF recruitment to Auschwitz: Not criminal

State Prosecutor says no incitement investigation into booklet telling haredi students IDF recruitment office is like Nazi death camp.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF recruitment office
IDF recruitment office
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State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan rejected the police request to open a criminal investigation into the publication of a booklet comparing enlistment in the IDF to being incarcerated in the Auschwitz death camp.

The police had sought to investigate whether the author of the booklet instructing haredi yeshiva students on how to avoid serving in the IDF could be charged with incitement.

"You are a yeshiva student. You are the crown of creation. You will be caught up in the plans of the office of losers," the booklet reads, referring to the IDF recruitment procedures.

"In the next hour (the army interview that every 17 year old Jewish citizen of Israel is summoned to, before he can request a deferment ed.), every smile, every sentence of yours will be examined, in order to give you a lethal diagnosis, like the 'diagnosticians' at the gates of the Auschwitz death camps, who examined the condition of every boy, and where the slightest change could determine his fate," the booklet continued.

Channel 2 reported that MK Avi Dichter turned to State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan, who replied that there was no room for a criminal proceeding: "Following your request, the contents of the booklet were looked at by the police and the matter was transferred to us for our examination."

Nitzan said that the police" must exercise greater restraint and caution in taking investigative and prosecutorial measures with respect to publications," in a democracy where freedom of the press is a basic principle.

He added that he had brought the content to the IDF's attention, and would consider opening an investigation after hearing the military's opinion.