fined 3 million shekels's prices did not list VAT. Customers only found out when arriving at the hotel, and were forced to pay hundreds of shekels more.

Tzvi Lev ,


After receiving thousands of complaints, Israel's Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority decided to levy a whopping 3 million shekel fine on international travel reservation company for failing to include the Value Added Tax on prices for Israeli hotels listed on its website.

Upon arriving at their hotel, customers were often shocked to learn that their stay would cost them hundreds of shekels more then they had anticipated.

Israel Hotel's Association president Amir Hayek said that "as a result of them presenting prices without including VAT, the hotel guests were forced to pay VAT on the transaction they made without knowing about its real cost. The Hotel Association recently warned about this and we know and are confident that we will work together with the Consumer Protection Authority to stamp out this phenomenon and attain full price transparency."