Germany: Synagogue severely damaged

Vandals smash doors, windows, throw furniture from synagogue in Mecklenburg.

Mordechai Sones,


The synagogue in the city of Mecklenburg, Germany, which is currently used for activities in the local community, was badly damaged.

According to police data, the criminals broke into the building last Thursday, smashing doors and windows and throwing furniture onto the road.

The community management said the rioters also painted a swastika on the sofa.

Police investigators assume this is an act with a clear anti-Semitic background, because a group of 16 teenagers from Israel and Germany who helped renovate the building had stayed in the building about a week ago.

Robert Kreinberg of the local community said "I do not want to imagine what would have happened had the hooligans entered the building last week."

He said that after the incident, it was no longer possible to describe the organization's clubhouse as completely safe for Israeli visitors. "That may also have been the intention of the perpetrators," he added.