Egypt kills jihadists who attacked Copts

Egyptian forces kill three jihadists suspected of involvement in deadly attacks against Coptic Christians.

Ben Ariel ,

Jihadists (illustration)
Jihadists (illustration)

Egypt's interior ministry said on Thursday its forces had killed three jihadists suspected of involvement in deadly attacks against the country's Coptic Christian minority, AFP reports.

An officer also died in a shootout in the southern province of Qena on Tuesday, security officials said.

Egypt is battling a local affiliate of the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group, calling itself the Sinai Province, which has claimed attacks that have killed more than 100 Copts since December.

The group, which pledged allegiance to ISIS in 2014, has also been behind dozens of attacks in the Sinai.

Thursday’s shootout occurred after a suspected jihadist, who had previously been detained, guided police to an alleged hideout in Qena, the ministry said in a statement.

"As soon as the security forces reached the location, the terrorist elements suddenly opened fire using all types of weapons, which forced them to retaliate," it said.

The shootout led to the killing of the detained suspect, a policeman who was guarding him, and two other suspected jihadists, the ministry said.

At the hideout, police found weapons and "gold jewellery which was probably stolen from some of the Christian victims" of a previous attack.

On May 26, terrorists killed 29 Copts as they travelled in a bus to Saint Samuel monastery in Minya province south of the Egyptian capital.

The bus attack followed two suicide bombings of churches in April that killed 45 Copts. In December, a suicide bomber struck a church in Cairo, killing 29 Copts.

Coptic Christians make up about 10 percent of Egypt's population. In 2015, ISIS released a video purportedly showing the beheading of the Coptic Christians it had captured in the Libyan capital Tripoli.