Sexual harassment reported in secret intel unit

Military Police investigating claims that career officer sexually harassed a female soldier under his command.

Tzvi Lev ,

Arrest (illustrative)
Arrest (illustrative)
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The IDF Military Police Investigations Unit are investigating claims that a career non-commissioned officer (NCO) in a classified intelligence unit sexually harassed a female soldier serving under him, Yediot Ahronot reported Thursday.

The soldier told the IDF hotline set up for reporting on sexual abuse that the NCO harassed her both physically and verbally on base. The soldier was put on extended leave to recuperate from her ordeal.

This latest report joins a long series of sexual harassment incidents that have made headlines. On Wednesday, a male soldier from the Bardalas mixed-gender infantry unit admitted to raping a female member of the same unit, and will serve a minimum of two years in prison as part of a plea bargain.

In a similar case, another soldier from an infantry unit was indicted for rape and indecent behavior stemming from his actions against a female soldier serving in his battalion. The soldier admitted that he had had sexual relations with the female soldier, but denied raping her and insisted that there was consent on her part.

One of the most explosive cases the IDF ever had to deal with was when Brigadier-General Ofek Buchris was accused of raping a subordinate. Buchris was the most senior IDF officer ever accused of sexual misconduct, and was a highly decorated soldier, having come back from severe injuries he suffered during 2003's Operation Defensive Shield to command the prestigious Golani Brigade.

Buchris eventually admitted to the charges and was demoted to the rank of Colonel.