Coming soon: Charge your Rav Kav using an ATM

Passengers in Be'er Sheva charge their Rav Kav cards via ATM as government sets up similar machines in the rest of Israel.

Chana Roberts ,

Rav Kav cards
Rav Kav cards
Chana Roberts

2,500 private "Rav Kav" ATM machines will be set up in the coming month in kiosks and stores around Israel.

According to TheMarker, Israel's National Public Transportation Authority initiated the project in order to allow passengers traveling on buses and trains to charge their Rav Kav cards more easily.

The ATMs, provided by the "Caspit" and "Casponet" payment technology companies, will serve as a service station for public transportation users, allowing them to put money on their Rav Kav cards and purchase daily, weekly, or monthly passes. Payment will be by credit card, but users will also be able to pay using the "Rav Kav Online" application, and then place their card into an ATM to "fill" it.

In addition, no extra charge will be added for using these ATMs.

Currently, the idea is undergoing a test period in Be'er Sheva, where 100 ATMs have been set up throughout the city.

The entire project is expected to cost a few hundred thousand shekels.

In July, the Israeli government announced the decision to place additional Rav Kav machines around Jerusalem. Earlier this week, a special Knesset committee announced the decision to allow passengers to use each other's Rav Kav cards, as long as the card in question does not have a discount or free daily, weekly, or monthly pass.