'I am proud of my son'

Elor Azariya's parents speak about their painful feelings following their son's entry into military prison this morning.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Elor Azariya and his father
Elor Azariya and his father
Photo by Roy Alima/Flash90

After accompanying their son Elor to military prison this morning, Wednesday, Charlie and Oshra Azariya spoke about the painful feeling that their son is being deliberately slandered.

“The press takes things wherever they want them to go, unfortunately,” Oshra said during an interview with Channel 20. “I’ll never forget that day when he was on his week-long break from the army, it was Independence Day and he went to visit his school wearing his army uniform. I asked him where he was going wearing his uniform during his vacation from the army, and he said that he was going to the school. I asked why he was going in his uniform, and he said that he was proud to salute his flag in uniform. That’s Elor. That’s my son.”

“But nobody bothered to say that. That’s what hurts us. They slander him. He’s such a good boy, so Zionist, loves people,” she said.

Charlie added that “Anyone who slanders my son, in the press or somewhere else, is mistaken about that boy and has made a huge mistake. I am proud of my son and that I have a son like that. If Elor can hear me today, I want to tell him, ‘Elor, I’m proud of you. As far as I’m concerned you’re a hero. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says.”

Charlie and Oshra were asked whether they were disappointed with someone, and both answered that they preferred not to answer.

They said that they had spoken with the commander of the military prison this morning, and that they would be allowed to visit their son in another 8 days, and every two weeks thereafter.

The parents thanked the people of Israel for the support they gave Elor throughout the trial period. Charlie said: “I think that it’s a sad day for the people of Israel. I sent my son to contribute to the state and today, unfortunately, he is going to prison. Elor is entering with head held high. I told him that he is strong, and that if he is strong, we are strong. The truth is, he wanted to thank the wonderful nation that came and supported him.”