Children miraculously saved from stone attack

Arabs hurl barrage of stones at homes: 'There is a war here, police arrived quickly and pulled them out of the houses.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Abu Tor hostiles
Abu Tor hostiles
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Yeshaya Fuerman, resident of the Abu Tor neighborhood in East Jerusalem, tells Arutz Sheva about the great miracle, as he put it, that happened to his family yesterday.

"The children of our neighbors were playing at noon on the roof, when suddenly Arabs began to throw rocks at them, the children ran away and hid, some of the stones shattered the solar panels, we called for police who arrived relatively quickly and arrested the terrorists.

According to him, this is not an unusual incident. "Almost every week there are stone throwings or firebombs. Two weeks ago they threw twelve firebombs at our houses. No one reported it in the media, but to our relief the police generally arrive quickly and yesterday, even though the Arabs fled to their houses, the police identified them thanks to the cameras and pulled them out of the houses."

Fuerman says that despite the dangers of living in the neighborhood, it constitutes a mission Jews must preform. "We live here in a hostile neighborhood, for them we are like a thorn in the throat, so there is a constant war here.

"In this neighborhood there are very hostile Arabs - one of the neighbors here is in jail, the one who shot Yehuda Glick. To live here is pioneering, we are doing it for the sake of the State of Israel. If we won't be here, it will spread to Tel Aviv.

"We have been living here for eight years and in total there are six families, so we have to go to distant synagogues or to the Western Wall, and of course we go with a security guard. There is war here, and as in any war there may be casualties, but for us it is a mission."

Arabs often throw rocks at Jewish children and civilians.

On Thursday, rock-throwing terrorists ambushed a civilian bus full of children leaving a protest rally on the ruins of the town of Sa-Nur in northern Samaria. On Friday night, Jews walking home after praying at Mearat Hamachpela (the Cave of the Patriarchs) were ambushed by Arab rock terrorists hiding in alleyways and on rooftops.