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Police convoy escorts disabled children to Western Wall

Motorcycle patrols in Jerusalem accompany children of Ezer Mitzion to Western Wall plaza.

Mordechai Sones ,

Police escort
Police escort
Flash 90

For five years now, the Jerusalem police motorcycle cruisers have escorted Ezer Mitzion children and youth with disabilities to the Western Wall plaza in an annual event.

Today, as in previous years, the directors of the association asked the Jerusalem Traffic Department to assist and accompany the convoy of buses and ambulances to the Western Wall plaza.

The policemen immediately accepted their request and met the children after their activities at the zoo. The children were moved by the arrival of the policemen, hugged them, and boarded the buses with the help of the police.

The motorcycle patrol unit escorted the six buses and the five ambulances to the Western Wall plaza, where they were welcomed by the police at the Western Wall, helped park the vehicles, and alight the children from the busses.