Haredi recruitment rising - but not meeting targets

In the past draft year, 2,800 haredi soldiers were recruited, missing government's target of 3,200.

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Nahal Haredi soldier (file)
Nahal Haredi soldier (file)
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The number of haredim who have enlisted in the IDF is higher now than in previous years, but haredi recruitment has nevertheless failed for the fourth year in a row to meet government targets, Haaretz reported this morning.

In the past draft year, which ended last month, 2,800 haredi soldiers were recruited, but the government's target was 3,200 soldiers.

Seven years ago, the Gabai Committee, headed by former Prime Minister's Office Director-General Eyal Gabai, decided on recruitment targets, and the Peri Committee, led by MK Yaakov Peri (Yesh Atid), decided to adopt the goals. The recruitment targets rise steadily every year.

Although haredi recruitment does not meet targets, the IDF is encouraged by the fact that the number of haredi recruits is nevertheless rising steadily, and that the gap between actual enlistment and target numbers is relatively small.

"There is an increase in the number of recruits from the haredi community. We have opened a haredi paratrooper unit - and people are coming," an officer from the Manpower Department was quoted in Haaretz as saying. "We are doing the best we can to recruit. This is a military mission of significant proportions, and it also has social significance."