Watch: German teenage ISIS war bride captured in Iraq

16-year-old German girl captured by Iraqi soldiers after she ran away from home, joined ISIS terror organization.

David Rosenberg,

Iraqi forces celebrate recapture of Mosul from ISIS terrorists
Iraqi forces celebrate recapture of Mosul from ISIS terrorists

A German teenager who ran away from home to join the ISIS terror group and become the child bride of an Islamic terrorist could face the death penalty after being captured by Iraqi soldiers during the battle for Mosul.

Last month, Iraqi security forces completed the recapture of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, handing the ISIS terror organization a major defeat in the country’s autonomous Kurdish region.

Following the ISIS defeat in Mosul, Iraqi soldiers captured a 16-year old German girl, who was later identified as Linda Wenzel.

After her capture, Iraqi army forces paraded Wenzel through the streets. On Monday, footage of her capture was released, showing Wenzel being led by jeering Iraqi soldiers through the streets of the newly-liberated Mosul, conjuring up memories of French women who consorted with Germans being paraded through Paris at the war's end, while bystanders jeered.

A native of Pulsnitz, Germany, Wenzel converted to Islam a year ago at the age of 15, after having been radicalized over the internet.

“The girl is 16, she got into all this mess at 14, via the Internet. I think she should return. Everyone has a right to make a mistake, everyone should get a second chance,” a neighbor told RT.

Wenzel fled Germany, making her way to ISIS-held territory in Iraq, where she became the child bride of a Chechen-born ISIS terrorist.

According to Reuters, Germany’s foreign ministry is in contact with Wenzel and working to secure her return to Germany. But as a member of a terrorist group, Wenzel could potentially face the death penalty in Iraq.