Rouhani takes shot at Trump on Twitter

Rouhani says world will not forget the "disloyalty" of those who want to tear up nuclear deal.

Elad Benari and JTA ,

Hassan Rouhani
Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took a swipe at U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter, hours after his inauguration for a second term, JTA reports.

“Those intend to tear up the JCPOA, surely be tearing up the scroll of their political life and the world will not forget their disloyalty,” read the tweet posted on Rouhani’s Twitter account on Saturday afternoon, a reference to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which is the full name of the nuclear deal signed between Iran and world powers in 2015.

During the presidential election campaign, Trump was highly critical of the Iran nuclear deal, saying it was “disastrous” and pledging to annul it.

After he was sworn in as president, Trump described the nuclear deal as “the worst deal I’ve ever seen negotiated” and accused the Islamic Republic of “disrespecting” the United States because of the deal.

At the same time, he recently confirmed that the Islamic Republic is adhering to the nuclear agreement it signed with world powers in 2015, marking the second time since Trump took office that it had done so.

Trump confirmed Iran’s compliance reluctantly, at the behest of his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster; his defense secretary, James Mattis; and his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. Tillerson admitted last week that he and Trump “disagree” on the deal.

Within days of giving the go-ahead to recertify, reported JTA, Trump reportedly tasked a separate team, led by his top strategic adviser, Steve Bannon, to come up with a reason to decertify Iran the next time the 90-day assessment rolls around, in October.

Rouhani, who was reelected for a second term in May, took the oath of office on Saturday before the Iranian Parliament in Tehran and in the presence of foreign dignitaries including senior European figures.

“The U.S. lack of commitment to implementation of the nuclear deal … proved it to be an unreliable partner to the world and even to its longtime allies,” he said in the ceremony.

“Those who want to tear up the nuclear deal should know that they will be ripping up their own political life,” Rouhani added, referring to Trump.

“Iran would not be the first to pull out of the nuclear deal, but it will not remain silent about the U.S. repeated violations of the accord,” he declared.

Iranian officials have downplayed Trump’s criticism of the nuclear deal, saying he could not annul the deal even if he wishes to do so.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, took things even further, saying in March his country is prepared to resume its nuclear activities if the United States continues its “lack of commitment” to the nuclear deal.