Circumcision ceremony for nephew of fallen Nahal Haredi officer

Nahal haredi soldiers and rabbis participate in circumcision ceremony for nephew of Yishai Rozales who fell last year in training accident.

Yoel Domb ,

Rozales Circumcision
Rozales Circumcision
Netzah Yehuda association

Last Friday a circumcision ceremony took place for the nephew of Captain Yishai Rozales, a haredi soldier from the Netzah Yehuda (Nahal Haredi) brigade who fell during the course of a training exercise at the Tze'elim army base in central Israel last year.

The firstborn son of Michael, Yishai's brother, who also served in the same battalion, was named Yehonatan Asa'el. Michael explained the meaning of the name. Yehonatan- G-d has given, since "G-d took, and now G-d has given."

The ceremony was attended by Netzah Yehuda Rabbi Captain Shaul Avdiel, as well as soldiers from the battalion and Rabbis from the Netzah Yehuda association.

Rabbi Yitzhak Bar-Haim, one of the rabbis, who established a regular Torah study session in memory of Rozales, said that the Rozales family had received a harsh blow with the death of their son and had dealt with it nobly and bravely and now G-d has given them a cure and a comfort. "The blood of the circumcision met the blood of Yishai."

Yishai Rozales grew up in haredi Yeshivas and decided to enlist in the IDF. After combat training Yishai attended an officers training course and went to command a platoon in the battalion where he had served previously. Yishai fell a year and seven months ago in a training accident at Tze'elim.