Father of Halamish terrorist: 'The Occupation' is terror

Father complains that he is not allowed to meet with his terrorist son. Lawyer says terrorist is 'in good spirits, with high morale.'

Dalit Halevy ,

Paramedics treat victim from Halamish attack
Paramedics treat victim from Halamish attack
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

"Abd al-Jalil al-Abd, 56, and his 51-year-old wife, Ibtisam, did not miss their son, Omar, who perpetrated activities in Halamish, like they miss him now, after the Israeli occupation authorities threw him behind bars." Thus begins an article in the Hamas newspaper Filastin on August 5 about the father of the terrorist who murdered 3 members of the Salomon family and wounded another in a stabbing attack in Halamish.

The father said that he had not yet lost hope of meeting with his son to ensure his safety. According to the report, no member of the family has seen Omar since his arrest on the day of the attack on July 21, but his lawyer said he was in good spirits and with high morale.

It was also reported that Omar's parents' home was searched four times by security forces, who confiscated Omar's pictures and other objects. Munir, Omar's brother, was also arrested for questioning.

"The occupation, the embodiment of terror, wants to execute our sons. How can this be? The world must fight this occupation," said Abd al-Jalil. "My wife and I miss Omer very much and we have not seen him since his arrest. We also miss our jailed son Munir, and we greatly look forward to meeting with them."