Watch: Mevo Horon synagogue goes up in flames

Police open investigation after fire breaks out in southwestern Samaria synagogue.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Mevo Horon synagogue goes up in flames
Mevo Horon synagogue goes up in flames
Mevo Horon

Last night, Tisha B'Av eve, the town of Mevo Horon began to fill with smoke, and the sound of sirens pierced the air. Residents rushed from their homes and were shocked to see their shul consumed by flames. Emergency responders carried charred Torah scrolls from the ruins.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

When the men who prayed in the Beit Tz'irim shul each morning awoke today, there was only a pile of ashes where the synagogue once stood. An emergency fund has been started in hopes of rebuilding the shul, purchasing a new Sefer Torah, and providing some solace to the devastated Mevo Horon community.

Donations will help them to begin again in the face of this tragedy.

"In the middle of the night last night, smoke began to fill the air of Mevo Horon. Sirens rang out as emergency responders raced to the scene. Soon the horror became clear: Our beloved synagogue had burned to the ground. Hundreds of Jews prayed there each day, and it is now a mass of charred metal and ash. Our Torah scrolls have burned up in the flames.

"We do not yet know how this fire began. We do know, however, that our community is devastated. This morning when the men of Mevo Horon awoke, there was no place to pray.

"We beg of you, help us to rebuild. We will need a new synagogue, and new Torah scrolls. Please help us begin again in the face of this tragedy."


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