Watch: Terrorist neutralized - with a pizza platter

Newly-released security camera footage shows employee at pizza shop near scene of stabbing attack using platter to subdue terrorist.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of stabbing in Petah Tikva
Scene of stabbing in Petah Tikva

Newly-released footage from last week’s stabbing attack in Petah Tikva shows how an employee of a pizza shop near the scene of the attack defended himself from the terrorist, and helped to neutralize him.

Shlomi Madar, who works at a pizza shop just two stores away from the shwarma shop where a 21-year old Arab terrorist from the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Qalqiliya stabbed an Israeli man last week, was attacked by the terrorist shortly after the stabbing.

Thinking quickly, Madar grabbed a wooden pizza platter to defend himself, striking the terrorist in the face with the heavy platter.

Madar escaped injury, while the terrorist was stunned by the blow and later captured by alert civilians.