NK missile launch: Two US bombers fly over Korean peninsula

Two B-1B aircraft deliver American response to Pyongyang's missile test. Japanese and South Korean fighter planes join USAF bombers.

Mordechai Sones,

B-1B Bomber over target (illustrative)
B-1B Bomber over target (illustrative)

The US Air Force announced Sunday that two US bombers had passed over the Korean peninsula in response to Friday's launch of North Korea's ballistic missile. North Korea's Kim Jong-un said on Monday that "the launch proves that the entire territory of the United States is within range."

The two bombers that passed the Korean Peninsula on Saturday were B-1Bs. A statement issued by the United States explicitly sets out that this is a direct response to Pyongyang's experiment. The bombers, that took off from the US Air Force base in Guam, were also joined by fighter planes from the Japanese and South Korean armies.

"North Korea remains the most serious threat to stability in the region," said US Air Force Commander in the Pacific, General Terrence O'Shaughnessy. "If called for action, we are ready with a rapid, lethal, and decisive force - at the time and place chosen."

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized China on Saturday for failing to take action against North Korea's nuclear program, warning he would "no longer" allow China to "do nothing".