'Soldier who shot terrorist is a hero who saved my children'

President Rivlin pays condolence visit to family of victims of Halamish massacre. Widow praises soldier who shot terrorist.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rivlin visiting Salomon family
Rivlin visiting Salomon family
photo used with permission of Salomon family

President Reuven Rivlin this afternoon (Wednesday), paid a condolence visit at the home of Elad Salomon, who was murdered together with his father Yossi and sister Chaya in a terror attack on Friday night in Halamish. The President was accompanied on his visit by the Director General of the President’s Office, Harel Tubi, and by the Mayor of Elad, Yisrael Porush.

On his arrival to the house, the President embraced the members of the bereaved family, and asked Tova, Yossi’s widow, about her recovery from injuries she sustained in the brutal attack. Tova said that she was getting stronger, and told the President about her husband, her daughter - who was known as an excellent and dedicated teacher – and about her son who had been born after three sisters with whom he shared a close bond.

Orit, one of Elad and Chaya’s sisters, told the President how Elad had fought against the terrorist, while Tova also spoke of her gratitude to the soldier who was able to stop the massacre and the terrorist. “I raised him,” said Tova, who was the soldier’s kindergarten teacher, “he was in my kindergarten, and now he saved me.”

Orit, told the President how she discovered that the attack had been at her parent’s home, and of the horrific phone conversation with Michal, Elad’s widow, who told her what had happened. The President was greatly moved when she told him of how Elad and Michal’s eldest, Avinoam, had acted. The President hugged Avinoam and whispered words of support in his ear.

“The entire people of Israel are with me in this house today, astounded by your strength, and the family strength you displayed,” said the President, and added that he had learned of Elad’s special personality, and said he could see now how such a wonderful man was raised.

Elad's widow, Michal, turned to the President and emphasized her tremendous gratitude to the soldier who shot the terrorist. “We heard all kinds of voices from outside asking questions about why he only neutralized and did not kill him,” she said. The President responded by saying, “Anyone who asks this, should first ask themselves if they could do what he did.”

Michal continued, “The soldier was in the right place at the right time. Simply put, he stopped this massacre. Thanks to him and his father, my children and I are here today. It is truly important to me to say that. There are no words to express my appreciation to this family. I owe them my life. And it's important to me that it is understood: this man is a hero.”

“You also carry values ​​within you that we wish all of us, the Jewish people, would respect,” said the President.

Before he left, the family members asked to thank the community in Halamish, and in Elad, for the unwavering support they received since the terrible murders.