Israel to compensate Jordanian who was accidentally killed

Israel reportedly to compensate landlord of Israeli security guard who was accidentally killed during attack.

Elad Benari ,

Israeli embassy in Jordan (archive)
Israeli embassy in Jordan (archive)

The State of Israel will compensate the family of the Jordanian landlord who was accidentally killed by the Israeli security guard who was attacked in Jordan, Army Radio reported Tuesday evening.

The Israeli security guard was attacked by one of the workers who was replacing furniture in his apartment. The worker stabbed the Israeli several times using a screwdriver.

The security guard opened fire and kill the terrorist who attacked him, but the owner of the home, who was at the scene as well, was accidentally killed.

The landlord, a doctor by profession, is reportedly sympathetic to Israel, and the State of Israel will compensate his family for his death but it is still unclear how much will be paid, according to Army Radio.

The security guard who was attacked returned to Israel on Monday night after being questioned in Jordan, which sought to block his return and question him despite his diplomatic immunity.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah agreed to resolve the crisis between Israel and Jordan during a phone conversation hours before the security guard returned to Israel.