'If the government isn't building, we will'

Residents of Neve Tzuf begin construction of a new neighborhood named after terror victims and declare: We're here to stay.

Benny Tocker ,

Salomon home in Neve Tzuf
Salomon home in Neve Tzuf
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The residents of the Binyamin region community of Neve Tzuf (Halamish) on Monday began construction of a new neighborhood, Neve Achi, named after the three members of the Salomon family who were murdered in Friday's terrorist attack.

Netanel Zarbiv, a resident of Neve Tzuf, told Arutz Sheva that the new neighborhood is an important security response to the terrorist attack.

"Last Saturday night, a decision was made by the community's forum, backed by other external officials, that the construction of the new neighborhood is necessary to provide a security solution,” he said.

"It is inconceivable that the route of death, the same route from which the terrorists who set fire to the community about eight months ago came and from which the cursed terrorist arrived on Friday night, will remain open. This route must be closed and therefore, in order to instill this sense of security, this is one of the first tasks - to build a neighborhood here," explained Zarbiv.

“This is an appropriate Zionist response with a clear statement that we are here to stay. We believe in the justice of our path and would be happy if the support came from above,” he continued, expressing hope that the new neighborhood will not be met with difficulties.

"We've already had several meetings with different external factors involved in the decision-making and we call on all the ministers and MKs to come and strengthen us so that we can stay here and meet all our needs,” Zarbiv said, noting that Neve Tzuf is undergoing a difficult ordeal following the terrorist attack.

“Beyond the support for the family, and I remind you that the mother is still in the hospital, this attack comes after the fire and the residents are beginning to feel a sense of personal insecurity and that their personal and family space has been harmed.”

“But despite these difficult feelings, the community of Neve Tzuf has in the past demonstrated strength despite what it underwent, and we are here to stay. Nothing will break us and will cause us to leave our land,” Zarbiv clarified.