'Israel was founded so Jews wouldn't have to hide in attics'

Israeli legal expert reads account of mother who hid children in Halamish attack and is reminded of Nazi actions against his own family.

Uzi Baruch ,

Dr. Haim Schein
Dr. Haim Schein
Courtesy of Dr. Haim Schein

Israeli legal expert Rabbi Dr. Haim Schein was shocked, like the rest of us, by news of the brutal murder of members of the Salomon family in Neve Tzuf (Halamish) on Friday night.

Rabbi Schein heard the testimony this morning of Michal Salomon, who lost her husband, Elad, in the attack. “I have just heard a description of the actions of the mother, who hid with her children during the attack in Halamish. She made sure they were quiet so that the terrorist wouldn’t hear them, and thus they were saved.”

“For a second, I lost my breath!”

Rabbi Schein related, “In one of the ‘aktions’ (German for "operations", ed.) of the Nazis in the Kovno Ghetto, they entered my father’s house in the Ghetto. My aunt, who knew how to think on her feet, successfully hid one of the children from the family in the attic, thus postponing his murder until the next ‘aktion.’”

"A clone of Nazi [aktion] is taking place today under the auspices of Palestinian incitement. It is important that we understand that the State of Israel was established so that Jews would no longer have to hide in attics. The proper response must be focused on the [Palestinian Arab] political and religious leadership inciting incessantly, and anyone who helps them.”

“A mother who sees her murderer son as a heroic “Shahid” is a monster. There is only one way to deal with monsters.”