WATCH: Joy turns to tragedy at scene of attack

ZAKA Chairman shows deadly attack scene, where food prepared to celebrate new grandson's birth remains untouched.

Chana Roberts ,

The Salomon family's home in Neve Tzuf
The Salomon family's home in Neve Tzuf
Yechezkel Itkin

ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav on Saturday night showed the scene of Friday's terror attack.

On Friday night, a 19-year-old terrorist - aptly called a "beast" by Israeli prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - murdered three members of the Salomon family and wounded a fourth. At the time, the family was eating their Friday night dinner, before holding a "shalom zachar," a traditional Friday night celebration afer the birth of a son.

When the terrorist began his stabbing rampage , one of the women managed to hide her five children in a side room, locked it and called the police, thereby saving their lives.

"The amount of blood here is horrific," Meshi-Zahav said. "To see this amount of blood, right near the Shabbat (Sabbath) table with the wine and the Shabbat candles, and the preparations for the celebration... It's horrific."

"It says in the Bible, 'Through your blood, you shall live.' Here, they celebrated the new life of a baby, and a terrorist came and took away lives. They didn't even have a chance to touch the foods they'd prepared to celebrate the newborn.

"It was a stroke of luck that the neighbor heard the screams... Otherwise, I don't even want to think what could have happened, G-d forbid."