Police commissioner: We're ready for anything

Israel Police and Border Police station thousands of officers in Jerusalem, especially near Old City and Arab neighborhoods.

Ido Ben Porat , | updated: 1:57 PM

Enhanced security in Jerusalem
Enhanced security in Jerusalem
Israel Police spokesperson

Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh arrived on Friday to oversee Israel Police's preparations for the Friday Temple Mount prayers.

Just after 12p.m., Arab public figures arrived on Salah al-Din Street and began inciting Arab passersby. They attempted to break through the police checkpoint and threw stones at the security forces.

Israel Police dispersed the rioters.

Thousands of Israel Police and Border Police officers have been stationed in Jerusalem - especially in the Arab areas and Old City - since Thursday night, to preserve order, direct traffic, and allow thousands of Muslim worshipers to pray safely.

At a police meeting, Alsheikh said, "As Israel's police force, we have an obligation to provide security to all of Israel's citizens, no matter who they are. At the same time, we must not forget that the terror attack last week signaled that a red line had been crossed in the sensitive situation on the Temple Mount."

"We are dealing with several challenges both in and out of Jerusalem.

"Israel Police will do all it can to allow for freedom of rituals and religion for anyone who wants them, and we will do our best to preserve the Temple Mount's status quo. We are implementing the Cabinet's decision authorizing us to implement any necessary precautions and to use sensitivity when necessary.

"I believe that our forces are ready for any situation, and will preserve public order and security. We will work to return normalcy and allow Jerusalem's residents to live an ordinary life. We ask Jerusalem's residents to work with us to achieve these goals."

Alsheikh also emphasized that Israel Police will not allow violations of the law or public order, and that it will work determinedly against anyone who attempts to abuse the Temple Mount's holiness in order to carry out terror attacks or harm the lives of the innocent.

Last Friday, three terrorists carried out a shooting terror attack on the Temple Mount, killing two police officers and wounding a third. In order to prevent future tragedies, Israel's government authorized placing magnetometers at the entrances to the site. The Waqf and Arab MKs and leaders called the metal detectors a change in the status quo, although police found weapons stored on the mount with the Waqf's help, and called for protests.

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