Top UK Sephardi Rabbi will no longer serve as religious judge

Britain's top Sephardi Rabbi apologizes for 'inappropriate' remarks on homosexuality.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Ephariam Mervis
Rabbi Ephariam Mervis

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, Britain’s top Sephardi rabbi, will continue to serve as the spiritual leader of London's S&P Sephardic Jewish community, but will no longer serve as a religious court judge, it was decided Wednesday.

Rabbi Dweck came under fire last month when he praised the acceptance of homosexuality by western society as a “fantastic development.” The homosexual act is expressly forbidden in Jewish law.

British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis appointed a special committee to review Rabbi Dweck’s statement as well as other teachings and halakhic statements by Rabbi Dweck.

The committee affirmed the removal of Rabbi Dweck's status as a dayan, or Jewish religious judge, for the Sephardic Jewish community. The committee also ruled, at Rabbi Dweck's suggestion, that any lecture he gives on Jewish law be reviewed by a member of the committee before it is given.

Rabbi Dweck apologized for his remarks following the ruling, calling them “inappropriate and imprudent.”