'We lost a true leader'

Avi Raskas eulogizes brother in law Lt. David Golovensitz, who was shot and killed by an accidental firearm discharge.

Hezki Baruch ,

David Golovensitz
David Golovensitz
Courtesy of the family

Arutz Sheva spoke with Avi Raskas, brother in law of Lt. David Golovensitz, who was shot and killed by an accidental firearm discharge during a training exercise in Hevron last week.

“The army was his life. He took it so seriously, and for the last two and a half years he turned into a tremendous man. He already was the strength of the family, he held everybody together. He'd come home after sleepless nights in the army, immediately come into my house and Jerusalem and ask what's the first thing he can fix. Can he build a crib for the baby? Can he fix the air conditioner? He renovated my house during his week and a half vacation from the army last summer,” recalled Raskas.

“We lost someone who has grown up to be a true leader in this country, and I think that's the biggest loss. He had so many goals. He had already lined things up for after the army. He was going to be a real leader and change things,” he continued.

“My mother-in-law and him would have dialogues about a day like this that could come, when he could be killed in action. They spoke openly about it, and she expressed her fear for it, and his answer was, 'If that day comes, I'll accept it with love, because that means I'll be dying over Kiddush Hashem, serving to protect ourselves,'” Raskas said.