'Palestinian Authority incites terrorism'

Security forces search Temple Mount for additional terrorists, weapons, Public Security Minister says PA incites terrorism.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Searching the Temple Mount
Searching the Temple Mount
Israel Police spokesperson

Israeli security forces are searching the Temple Mount in response to the terror attack on Friday morning, which killed two police officers and injured a third.

The search is intended to ensure that no additional terrorists remain on the Temple Mount, and to find any weapons and ammunition which Muslim extremists may have hidden in the area which the UN recently ruled is a Palestinian Heritage Site.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said the terror attack was "an unprecedented shooting attack on the Temple Mount. The terrorists desecrated the Temple Mount's holiness."

"For several long months we have said that there is incitement being spread by Palestinian Authority individuals, who call on the Palestinian public to 'protect' the Temple Mount. All of these things have serious consequences."

Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheikh said, "This is an unusual and shocking event. Shooting on the Temple Mount is a serious thing. It is a sensitive issue, with political and international significance, and it will be dealt with accordingly."

Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevi, briefed the police commissioner on the main points of the initial investigation, as well as the activities of the forces which pursued the terrorists until they were neutralized.