Hamas sentences 2 to death for 'spying for Israel'

Latest death sentences by terrorist group which rules Gaza for alleged spying draw international condemnation.


Hamas rally in Gaza
Hamas rally in Gaza
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

A court in Hamas-run Gaza on Thursday sentenced two men to death for allegedly spying for Israel, the latest in a series of such rulings that have drawn international condemnation.

The interior ministry said three men were convicted, including two to death, for "spying for the occupation" and the other handed a life sentence with hard labor.

The men were not named, but the ministry in a statement said the two sentenced to death were born in 1985 and 1964.

Islamist terrorist movement Hamas has run the Gaza Strip since 2007 and it has since fought three wars against Israel.

In May, three men accused of collaborating with Israel in the assassination of a senior Hamas leader in Gaza were executed.

The executions were carried out after a brief trial only weeks after the arrests of the three, leading to international condemnation.

In April, the group hanged another three men accused of spying for Israel.

The Gaza Strip has been under a partial Israeli security blockade for a decade, while Egypt's crossing with the enclave has also remained largely closed in recent years.

Technically, all execution orders require Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas to sign off, but Hamas does not recognize his authority.