Watch: IDF Naval commando hostage rescue training

Israeli Navy rehearses civilian vessel takeover and hostage abduction.

Mordechai Sones ,

Naval commando hostage rescue
Naval commando hostage rescue
IDF Spokesman

Today, Operation Sea Minister in the northern sector ended, during which naval forces exercised controlling a fleet of civilian vessels and releasing hostages

The exercise, which took place over a 24-hour period, began last night with a scenario in which a distress message was received from a hijacked civilian ship carrying hostages.

As soon as the announcement was received, a special situation assessment was conducted in which a course of action was taken to rescue the hostages and neutralize the terrorists.

Before the forces took over the ship, negotiations were held in an attempt to effect a rescue by agreement. After this attempt did not succeed, Shayetet 13 forces, in cooperation with a flotilla of missile boats and security equipment, launched a rescue mission at sea.

Brigadier General Ido, the senior commander of the Israeli Navy, said, "The nature of the naval branch's activity requires training in complex and challenging positions, and this exercise is part of the annual training drill of the branch and its existence is necessary in view of the large number of terrorist elements in the region. To practice at all times and train its forces in order to ensure the security of the State of Israel at sea and from the sea. "