Haifa man dies as apartment goes up in flames

Firefighters battle blaze near Haifa market. Resident of burning home trapped inside by fire - and killed.

David Rosenberg ,

Firefighting (illustrative)
Firefighting (illustrative)

A man was found dead in a Haifa apartment after a fire broke out Monday morning.

Four firefighting teams were dispatched to the scene of the fire, which broke out in a building near the Talpiot market.

Firefighters say the blaze was intense by the time they arrived, destroying the entire interior of the home. The four units deployed to combat the fire struggled to first contain the fire, then extinguish it, while attempting to rescue any people trapped inside.

Eventually, firefighters were able to locate and recover the body of one man in the fourth-story apartment who had been unable to escape the fire.

Authorities have been unable as of yet to identify the man, whose body was severely burned in the blaze.

“The body was found in the apartment,” said MDA first responder Shlomo Ben Ami. “It could not be identified, and there were signs of injuries caused by direct exposure to the flames.”

As authorities continue efforts to confirm the body’s identity, police are currently investigating the causes of the fire.