NechamaComfort: Help in dealing with the loss of a baby

Meet Reva Judas of NechamaComfort, a Jewish organization dedicated to helping families who have experienced infant or pregnancy loss

Allison Josephs ,

Reva Judas
Reva Judas

NechamaComfort is the brainchild of Reva Judas, who has her chaplaincy certification and is certified infant pregnancy loss facilitator.

Reva unfortunately experienced the loss of her own child when he was only 12 hours old. Reva and her husband Danny have also experienced six miscarriages - but fortunately they are the parents of four healthy children and two lovely grandchildren, too.

Reva started NechamaComfort because she knows deep down how difficult this journey can be and wants to help others suffering with similar loss. She is a fount of information, customs, rituals and secular community resources to help the whole family cope with this difficult loss and move forward in a meaningful way.