Bennett on UNESCO:
'Repeating a lie does not suspend reality'

"Repeated mistakes made by UNESCO do not change Jewish connection to Jerusalem or reality on ground.'

Mordechai Sones ,


Education Minister Naftali Bennett responded to today's UNESCO vote condemning Jewish presence in Jerusalem's Old City:

"The repeated mistakes made by UNESCO do not change the Jewish connection to Jerusalem or the reality on the ground," Bennett said Tuesday night. "Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish people long before Islam came into the world and it will remain the capital of Israel forever.

"Our decision to sever Israeli ties to the organization and to act only in the diplomatic sphere reflects how UNESCO has transformed from an organization that preserves the world heritage to the one that rewrites it," added Bennett, who also serves as chairman of the Israeli Committee for UNESCO. "Instead of protecting hundreds of sites destroyed by radical Islam, including the Al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, UNESCO is working against the only state in the Middle East that protects all holy sites and allows everyone freedom of worship," Bennett added.